Personal Injury

What is personal injury?

The phrase “Personal Injury” includes a wide variety of injury-related cases. The most popular include: motor vehicle/motorcycle accidents, wrongful death cases, medical malpractice incidents, slip and fall cases and dog bites. Each type of personal injury matter requires individual care, concern and planning, as each client brings a set of new and unique facts. At Putman Law Offices, we pride ourselves in our results, our expertise and our legitimate care for each and every client. Call us today to discuss your situation: (419) 238-2200.

What are important factors in choosing a personal injury attorney?

Let’s be honest – results are at the heart of every personal injury case. You can fall for “catchy” commercials in deciding which law firm to hire, but those commercials do not necessary equate to favorable results for your case. At Putman Law Offices, results matter – period.

Attorney Shaun Putman combines his extensive expertise, skill, and experience to each and every personal injury case he undertakes – with the outstanding results to back it up. Recently, Attorney Putman was approached by a client who went to one of the “big”, “well-known” personal injury firms as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident. Attorney Putman was able to negotiate a settlement in a relatively short time worth approximately 3 times the amount that the previous firm told the client to settle for! While this example may not be indicative of your case, it is certainly a strong indication of Attorney Putman’s willingness to work to achieve tremendous results for each and every client. Please review the “Case Results” tab and the testimonials from actual clients – they speak for themselves!

Is my case too large for Putman Law Offices?

While Putman Law Offices may be located in small-town Van Wert, Ohio, no case is too large! Attorney Shaun A. Putman has successfully handled personal injury cases that approach and exceed a million dollars, resulting in Attorney Putman being admitted into the exclusive Million Dollar Advocate Forum. Attorney Putman has also been rated as one of the top 10 personal injury attorneys in the State of Ohio by an independent, unbiased rating agency. Take a look at the “Case Results” tab and see for yourself the outstanding success Putman Law Offices has earned in representing injured clients. Let Attorney Putman put his small-town work ethics into your case, and see the results for yourself!

Why do I need an attorney for my personal injury case? (Aka - The insurance company is already offering me money to settle on my own.)

Personal injury cases deal with a complex area of law. Insurance companies have seasoned claims representatives, adjusters and/or attorneys with experience you likely do not have. Their goal is often to minimize payment to an injured party. It is important to put yourself on a level playing field with the insurance company by hiring experienced legal counsel with a history of positive results.
Attorneys can vary greatly. Some have experience, others do not. Some have the financial resources to properly handle your case, others do not. Some will try to “catch” you with gimmicks, creative advertising, or slogans. At Putman Law Offices, we will try to earn you as a client through professionalism, a true care towards your case, and hard work. Word-of-mouth is important at Putman Law Offices, and results are the primary factor in determining whether a client speaks favorably or poorly about their experience. As such, we are a results-oriented firm who truly care about our clients and their individual case.

How much are Attorney Putman’s legal fees in handling a personal injury case?

We earn nothing unless you receive a recovery! Putman Law Offices generally works on a contingency fee, meaning Attorney Putman receives only a percentage of what is recovered in damages. This saves clients from having to spend a large sum on a retainer or worry about how many hours their attorney is logging into their personal injury case. Instead, all parties can focus on the results of the case, and concentrate on working hard to make these results favorable. We welcome any questions you may have regarding this, or any other, question. Please call us at (419) 238-2200 for a more detailed explanation.

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