Case Results

Amount of Verdict/Settlement with Brief Description



Truck accident in eastern Ohio case where client’s vehicle was struck by a wheel assembly that dislodged from truck, severely injuring client. Defendant’s expert witness allegedly tampered with crucial evidence.



Medical malpractice claim resulting in settlement. Claim involved botched and arguably unnecessary surgery that patient did not consent to.



Severe automobile accident resulting in skull damage and other injuries.



Low-impact automobile accident with little damage to vehicles, but resulting in serious soft-tissue injuries requiring surgical intervention.



Trial verdict for low-impact automobile accident resulting in soft-tissue injuries. Defense attorney argued to the jury that the case should be valued at only $9,000.00. Jury instead returned a verdict of $260,000.00.



Combined trial verdict for one client and settlements for other occupant-clients of a motor vehicle struck by another car. Soft tissue injuries to most seriously-injured client, who had a significant history of pre-existing injuries. Defense attorney’s highest offer before trial was $50,000.00. Jury returned a verdict for that client of $150,000.00.



Automobile collision resulting in soft tissue injuries and surgical intervention.



Motor vehicle accident involving four (4) adults that resulted in soft tissue injuries.



Semi-truck collided with Client’s vehicle, resulting in injuries and missed employment.



Box truck ran stop sign and collided with Client’s vehicle, resulting in severely broken arm and scarring.



Automobile accident resulting in soft tissue injuries.



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